Shadows of the Beanstalk

Rescue of the Sunstone
The Death of Simon and Drake

This adventure was taken on by Simple Simon, Drake, Daisy, and C.Amanda. They all took off from Perch after news of storms rolling in to the sunlit area of the Sunstone. Given that they knew the stone was to be guarded by the Merpeople living there they new something was very wrong.
They set sail and found themselves being cornered by a pair of troll warships. Daisy with her newly acquired Fungus Staff set the course for the group of gaining control over these trolls. After a series of spectacular potionering and cunning witchcraft Simple Simon single-handedly wiped out an entire warship. Drake devised a plan to capture the Troll leader and trap him in his portable room. With a little more help from Simon and Steve.0, Drake and he were able to trap him the the room with Steve.0. After a daring escape from the troll ship involving much falling they made there way back to their ship. Where Daisy proceeded to paralyze their victim repeatedly and allow the others to beat the troll leader to death. After the troll leader was dead Daisy was now able to dip the end of the “Fungus Staff” in the troll leaders blood and gain control of the remaining trolls.
With a newly acquired troll ship in tow the party continued on to Warmsand Island, the new resort village that cropped up after the previous placing of the Sunstone. Villagers warned the party of recent changes in the mood of the Merpeople protecting the stone. Originally they had wanted to build a temple around the stone and create a way to allow any surface dweller access to the temple. In pursuit of that goal the Merpeople hired Sevekor, a magician, to craft magical barriers to allow people down to the their temple. After the barrier were erected for a time people enjoyed a brief stent of access, but gradually the mood the the guardians changed and soon none were allowed to go down the tunnel save Sevekor and his acolytes.
The party decided to force there way down past the Merpeople guards. Taking on Brine, the leader, and five of his companions, two of which were riding chuul, they found themselves staving off blows from fist size waves and C.amanda managed to find herself pinned underneath a lonely beach umbrella. Drake took out several Merpeople before being trapped underneath brines trident with an immovable rod for a shaft. Daisy found having troll to do her biding quite agreeable and spent much of the engagement ordering around her minions and keeping track of the shrunken troll. Courtesy of simple Simon. Simple Simon, with a deft understanding of his mind swap potion and an unusual proclivity for moving many more body parts than a typical human should be able to, took control of a chuul and demolished the remaining guards.
After dispatching the Merpeople the party preceded down the tunnel. The encountered a wall of water. Thanks to a previous decreeing of reality by Daisy the party knew to look for some torches that had gone out. With possibly Simple Simons most beautiful bit of magic he was able to craft two butterflies the flew towards each of the torches. At the end of teir journey the butterflies burst into flames neatly lighting the torches, unfortunately the let out tiny screams as they were engulfed in flames eluding to the fact that they might have been self aware when the were torched. Either way the tunnel cleared and the party found themselves at the mouth of an enormous dome.
In the center was the Sunstone and all around were men in black robes. One stood out from the rest, Sevekor, and seemed to be channeling power into a large impossibly dark mass surrounding the stone. C.amanda after attempting to attacking the dark mass found herself with gravity reversed only for her and being rocketed straight up the the roof of the dome, only to be rescued by simple Simon on his broom. Daisy darlingly impersonated one of the acolytes and attempted to set Sevekor on fire, it kind of worked but she was captured in the process. Drake proved himself a heavy hitter taking out several of the acolytes with his multifaceted cloak and a holy dagger he found himself in possession of. Simple Simon against used potions to great effect blowing up several stooges and creating holy paper cleverly with a handy exorcism potion he had on hand. C.Amanda found her calling in healing members as they needed, at least for awhile. Armed with a holy dagger and paper Drake and Simon decimated the remaining acolytes and forced Sevekor to flee. As Sevekor fled the black mass roiled and revealed itself as a demon, Desjadin. Bent on destroyed reality as we know it he devised a plan to remove the sunstone from existence there for destroying any hope of returning the world to its pre-clouded state. Blostered by the success of the holy weapons Drake and Simon trading blow with the hard hitting demon. Simple Simon crafted out of his holy paper a set of “brass knuckles” and punched that demon right in the face amusing massive damage. Unfortunately in retaliation the demon one shotted him. C.amanda out of sheer distress after losing her companion or possibly just a total dereliction of duties decided to attack rather than heal an ally. The blow did damage but not enough forcing Drake to take action. Stabbing into the demon with his holy dagger he smote his enemy but in the backlash of the attack received a fatal blow from the demon. If only he had been healed just one hit point.
After freeing the sunstone from the demon the remaining party members left, then went back after forgetting their friends bodies in their watery grave. With the world righted to party went back to perch and buried there comrades. Drake and Simple Simon showed much valor in their final hours and proved that the party is only about getting treasure but making the world a better place. Oh yeah, and Daisy found herself bound to another Demon…on accident.

Goblin Town
The first adventure

The group bought magic beans and parachuted in to explore the location of an old map of Marmon’s. They landed in the midst of a pack of blink dogs hunting a unicorn and save the unicorn. They followed an evil emanation and found a demonic land slug, which turned into a demon pool of black ichor when attacked.

Some exploration led to an old town, now run half by goblins and half by one of its original inhabitants, the doll-master. The opted to deal with the goblins first, at least a scouting party, then explored the doll infested area.

The doll-master had his massive freak baby in the basement and had been using dolls to feed goblins to it in a desperate effort to sate its hungry temper. They killed the old man and left the baby for another day.

The group made their way to an old church yard, following the map, and got lost there for three days following Daisy’s unerring sense of direction. After that, they moved into the sewer system beneath the town, fought an Otuyagh, zombies, a gelatinous cube and skeletons, exited the sewers, deployed their magic beans to grow a beanstalk and left back to Perch.

How it works
How to wiki (kind of)

This is a section for past and current adventure reports. As I remember them or review them, I will post short reports of the major activities of each adventure, but we have done quite a bit at this time and I may not remember things quite right. This is a wiki, meaning you can all fix it. If I forgot a major point or clue or whatever, by all means, don’t tell me about it: add it! If you need help figuring it out, lemme know. The dates for everything but the recent stuff will be WAAAAY off, so don’t worry about that.

Have fun!


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