Talks like an elf, looks like a bum


Hiriath is a druid of the orders of the open sea and the great forest. Blessed by the deck of many things to have all people with the same colored hair greet me with favor.cursed by the deck of many things to have all lightning in the area attracted to me and have my skin hang off my body like baggy clothing. He also lost his legs below the knees do to an unfortunate complication saving his friends.


Hiriath is an elf druid who had no size limitations to what he can transform into. He often becomes a bird, it helps him forget he lost his legs. He had also become a giant four-armed white ape, a giant sea turtle, wolves, bears, and boat crushing whales. He has two long horns on his head that transform with him regardless of what he turns into.
He had defeated great foes such as a hydra that he killed in one shot(with an enchanted weapon). Was a party to the first encounter with the sunstone and the earth elemental. He has a fairy that he rescued that follows him around.


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