Zard of the Flame

Burning with fire and passion, driven to reckless destruction


Zard is a Dragon mage, driven by passion and rage, a dragon’s passion that fuels his magic. Though, to all outward appearance, he is calm and calculating. Zard loves the flames that he can call forth as an outlet for his this passion and rage.

The focusing tool for his magic is a studded Ruby pierced though his tongue. With this tools placement he can call forth his magical fire from his mouth like a dragon.

Though his training he was connected to a Dragon’s mind,. From this connection he has taken on a scaled appearance. After his training with time his pupils have taken on the shape of hourglasses. He wears a pointed hat, and what hair that is visible is stringy and flows out like it has a constant source of static. The hat is covered with an intricate pattern that look like dragons in flight circling his head. His robs are black silk with magical symbols printed on it in silver. Zard is tall, even for an elf, and slender.


Zard of the Flame

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