Zephon of the Golden Book

Zephon wants to know the names of all things.


Zephon strives for the knowledge of the world. currently looking for the names of the Zodiac

History and Training

It is a little known fact that elves not of the Elven land, leave there homes and families at the age of 70 years to go and train in the Elven lands for 100 years. To learn a discipline of there choosing. many other things are covered in the training but the focus is on one discipline. Zephon chose naming for it logic and depth of understanding of the world around him that he would gain from this.

All was going well until the 74th year of his training. a message reached him, during a recent adventure his father was killed. The details were vague, only one member of the party survived, his brother Zard the Mage . As a result of this Zephon left his training to seek out his brother and mother and mourn with them. However, the act of leaving his training caused a great upheaval with the Elven counsel and took 15 months to get approval. upon arriving home he found that his mother had died from depression and a broken heart. his brother was busy on more adventures. Zephon tracked down his brother and confronted him about abandoning their mother. This ended in a duel that left Zephon beaten but alive. Zard refuses to talk about it, Zephon’s grief and rage drove a wedge between the bothers, who no longer talk to one another.

What is known from Zard’s recounting was this. The party was far to the south near the edge of the known world. Rumors of a great Dwarven nation, from before the mist fall, deep in the southern mountains held the truth of the Dwarvan clans. They had been recruited by a couple Dwarfs that had a clam to their clans Seat. this is highly regarded as being a ruse to get a part of adventures to seek out a great treasure. (it was never confirmed that the Dwarven nation was there)

Filled with bitterness and hatred for his bother he returned to finish his training, but was not able to finish. His emotions restricted his ability to control his naming and left without completing his training. The title “of the golden book” is a reflection of how far Zephon got in his training.

Over the next 200 years he has managed to regain his control of his emotions. Though he and his bother see one another around the town and in the tavern they and their father frequented. They do not talk, or take notice of each other. most do not even know they are brothers.


Zephon of the Golden Book

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